GC++ Class List

Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
GCpp::bad_weak_pointerException thrown if invalid weak pointer gets accessed
GCpp::FixedSizeAllocatorManagerManager class
GCpp::GCGlobal Garbage Collector access
GCpp::gc_container< T >Pointer type to be used for 'managed' containers of 'managed' objects
GCpp::GC_pauseScoped allocator pause
GCpp::gc_ptr< T >Pointer type to be used for 'managed' objects
GCpp::GCBasePointerBase class
GCpp::GCPointerManagerThe manager for all managed pointers
GCpp::MemoryAllocator< T >The 'real' type bound memory manager
GCpp::weak_ptr< T >Weak pointer to managed objects

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