GCpp::FixedSizeAllocatorManager Class Reference

Manager class. More...

#include <fixed_size_allocator.hpp>

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Static Public Member Functions

static bool contains (void *p_block)
 pointer ownership


class FixedSizeAllocator

Detailed Description

Manager class.

Keeps track of all instantiated fixed size allocators

Definition at line 26 of file fixed_size_allocator.hpp.

Member Function Documentation

bool FixedSizeAllocatorManager::contains ( void *  p_block  )  [static]

pointer ownership

Checks if the given pointer references a block from one of the known allocators.

p_block pointer to check
true = yes, false = no

Definition at line 19 of file fixed_size_allocator.cxx.

Referenced by GCpp::GCBasePointer::fetch_state().

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