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global Garbage Collector access More...

#include <memory_manager.hpp>

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Static Public Member Functions

static void start ()
 let collection happen if needed
static void stop ()
 stop automatic collection
static void collect ()
 force a full collection cycle
static bool stopped ()
static size_t destroyed ()
 sum of all destroyed objects from all allocators
static size_t allocated ()
 sum of all allocated objects from all allocators
static std::string version ()
 library version
static size_t in_use ()
 OS memory in use.
static size_t threshold ()
 How much to allocate before triggering collection.
static void compact (bool p_new_limit=false)
 Return memory to OS if possible.
static void finalize ()
 Shut down GC completly.

Detailed Description

global Garbage Collector access

Definition at line 144 of file memory_manager.hpp.

Member Function Documentation

void GC::collect (  )  [static]

force a full collection cycle

This routine runs a full mark / sweep cycle for all allocators regardless if the automatic collection is enabled or not.

Definition at line 273 of file memory_manager.cxx.

Referenced by finalize().

void GC::finalize (  )  [static]

Shut down GC completly.

Valgrind (or similar memory checkers) may complain about lost objects at program exit. Add a call to this routine when your program has abandoned all references to make your mem checker happy.

Definition at line 330 of file memory_manager.cxx.

References collect(), and destroyed().

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