GCpp Namespace Reference

Fixed size allocators. More...


class  GCPointerManager
 the manager for all managed pointers More...
class  FixedSizeAllocatorManager
 Manager class. More...
class  GCBasePointer
 base class More...
class  gc_ptr
 Pointer type to be used for 'managed' objects. More...
class  gc_container
 Pointer type to be used for 'managed' containers of 'managed' objects. More...
class  GC_pause
 scoped allocator pause More...
class  MemoryAllocatorBase
 Allocator. More...
class  MemoryAllocator
 the 'real' type bound memory manager More...
class  GC
 global Garbage Collector access More...
class  bad_weak_pointer
 Exception thrown if invalid weak pointer gets accessed. More...
class  weak_ptr
 Weak pointer to managed objects. More...


typedef void(* DestroyItem )(void *)
 Memory management.


template<class T>
void destroy_item (void *p_item)
 destructor template


class GCPP_PUBLIC_SYMBOL FixedSizeAllocator
const char unknown_tag = '0'
 garbage collected pointers

Detailed Description

Fixed size allocators.
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